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Shrimp Farming Geekay Hatcheries are located at Tupilipalem, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India. The modern hatchery uses state-of-the-art technology and practices from across the globe. The farms are par with the farms of world class farms. Present day production has to take note of not only the markets but a host of technical issues as well as the concerns of the environment.

The subject matter of sustainable shrimp farming is broad from farm level management, practices to integration of shrimp farming into coastal area management, shrimp health management, and policy, socioeconomic and legal issues. In this analysis, Geekay hatcheries play a great role Lots of Farmers are being educated about the world standards of maintenance of farms, especially in the area of aeration.

Traditional aeration method is with surface aerators. This system involves lots of electricity, by which the cost of production of farming goes up. The recent power cut put the farmers in to trouble as they have to go to generators and oil engines. All these methods put them in more cost of production. Mr. Y.krishna Reddy made available Aero-Tube to farmers from Colorite plastics of USA. In the Geekay Farms lots of research is done especially to find out a suitable aero solution with different models and pattern of Aero-Tube (grids).

These tubes were tested in his own farms and the results were highly encouraging. Geekay hatcheries later introduced this aeration system to all his farmers especially who are taking seed from the hatchery. Today all farmers are waiting for the next cultivation season to go ahead with Aero-Tube. The system is introduced all over India. There is a clear cut saving of 35% electricity in Aero-Tube while compared to surface Aerators. For the function of Aero-Tube the root blower to be used is from Taiwan Fu-tsu Inc. Geekay have exclusive arrangement with Fu-tsu machinery Inc and Colorite Plastics Inc for exclusive distribution in India.

MR.Y.KrishnaReddy travelled entire far eastern countries to make on the spot study of latest development in the hatchery management and also aeration management. The company supports the farmers by not only supplying quality floats aerators, seed and paddles but also helps with necessary replacement parts.

Litopaneaus vannamei shrimp seed are having good demand as they are reared under scientific supervision. Because of the seed is bought under its own natural habitat situation, and also not using antibiotics, there is a heavy demand for the seed from GeeKay Hatchery.


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