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Super Charger

Super Charger Blower

Super charger blowers are available now in India. It is being imported from Japan/Taiwan exclusively for aeration in the water. Motors with 3 HP to 5 HP can be connected to this blower which will work at 1440 rpm to 2200 rpm. Up to 150m3 air outcome we can expect in this blowers which is very much suitable for aqua culture and STP/ETP. The company is supplying complete set. The rates are very much competitive compared to Indian blowers. The root blower is twin lobe and highly effecient.

The technical data of supercharger blowers

Make : Japan
Model : 2RB510N-7A H16


1.3 kw 2890/min

200 - 240 V 6.6 A

345 415 V 3.8 AY

-170 170 mbar


1.5 KW 3420 /Min

220-275 V 6.9 A

380-480 4.0 AY

-150 140 mbar

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